What to Expect

The Center is dedicated to providing patients with expert medical care during the entire course of treatment, from diagnosis, to the delivery of therapy, to follow-up care once treatment is completed.

Because therapy often consists of medications and blood products that are delivered intravenously (though a needle inserted into a vein), many patients receive treatment in a specially designed drug infusion suite. This allows us to monitor patients closely. We also provide an array of specialized services to patients receiving blood-thinning (anticoagulant) medications. Nurses and nurse practitioners carefully monitor the results of lab tests and stay in close contact with patients, in person and by phone, to explain treatments and manage side effects.

DF/BWCC hematologists — physicians who specialize in blood disorders — are available to consult with your physician or provide a second opinion on your condition. Patients also have access to clinical trials of new treatments for hematological conditions.