What to Expect

Patients who have surgery and are treated at our Center receive the world’s most advanced integrative molecular testing and genetic (sequencing and copy number) analysis by our highly specialized team of neuropathologists.

Based on the genetic testing result of each patient’s brain tumor tissue, we then define the optimal-targeted treatment options available for their type of brain cancer. Depending on the results, we may recommend already-approved forms of therapy, or we may offer the patient the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial of a new therapy targeting their specific mutation(s).

In addition, for patients who have surgery to remove their tumor at our Center, our world-renowned neurosurgeons and neuropathologists work together to culture and store each patient’s tumor in a “living” tissue bank, which creates novel patient-derived cell lines and xenografts (PDCL, PDX) for research. These patient tumor models (also called tumor avatars) provide an invaluable resource to improve our understanding of how to treat individual patient tumors.

Patients who have already had a biopsy and a pathology report completed on their brain tumor at another institution can send their tumor sample to us for a second opinion. Our experts will provide the most precise diagnosis and perform advanced genomic testing to offer the best available treatment option or clinical trial for each individual.